Darum solltest du ein Serum verwenden!
In der Welt der Hautpflege ist ein Serum eine beliebte Ergänzung in der täglichen Pflegeroutine. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Seren auf dem Markt, die versprechen, Hautprobleme wie Falten, Hyperpigmentierung und Akne zu bekämpfen und das Hautbild zu verbessern. Aber was genau ist ein Serum und wie unterscheidet es sich von anderen Hautpflegeprodukten?
What is rosacea?
Redness on the face is not uncommon and can be triggered by stress, temperature or allergic reactions, among other things. However, if this skin condition recurs or persists for a long period of time, it may be rosacea. This article explains what rosacea is, how the disease manifests itself and how it is triggered. 
This way you protect your skin from environmental influences.
The appearance of our skin is influenced by many different factors. Among other things, environmental toxins such as nicotine, exhaust fumes and pesticides also affect our skin. They can lead to allergies, weaken the skin's protective barrier, cause a pale complexion and promote premature skin aging. But where do we encounter these environmental toxins, how do they affect our skin and what can we do to protect our skin?
Massaging away wrinkles? What facial massages really bring.

The internet is full of it. Influencers use gua shas and jade rollers in their morning routines, and there are tons of TikToks, reels, and YouTube videos on facial massage. Many companies and influencers advertise the anti-aging effect and the alleviation of stress through massage. In addition, swelling and dark circles should visibly decrease. Is that correct? Can dark circles and wrinkles really be massaged away?

Healthy gut, healthy skin.

How are skin and intestine connected? If the intestine is sick, important nutrients can no longer be absorbed and passed on to the body. This affects the entire body and, of course, our skin. Diseases such as acne and neurodermatitis can be the result of a sick intestine.

Perioral dermatitis - Too much of a good thing.
We care for our skin every day with various skin care products. However, too much care or the wrong care can trigger perioral dermatitis. What is perioral dermatitis? How is it triggered and how can the disease be treated?
How do hormones influence our skin?
The fact that our hormones influence our skin has probably been clear to all of us since puberty at the latest. But why is that? And what are the effects in adulthood?
The sun and the skin!
The sun immediately puts us in a good mood, it is important for our well-being and for vitamin D synthesis. Enjoying the sun in moderation is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Nevertheless, exposure to the sun also poses dangers. What they are and what you can do to enjoy the sun safely, you will learn in this article.  
Neurodermatitis: symptoms, causes and thearpy

Neurodermatitis is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease that occurs in episodes. In this blog post, you will learn more about the symptoms, causes and therapy.