25.November 2021

Get to know your skin type.

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Our skin type is innate and develops through hormonal changes. No skin type is good or bad and we ourselves have no influence on it at all. Therefore, when we use care, we do not treat our skin type, but always our acute skin condition. For example, if someone with a rather oily skin type (seborrhea), has acutely clogged pores and an increased appearance of impurities, we have to take care of these two cosmetic problems, but not the skin type, because this will not change through cosmetics. Nevertheless, knowing one's skin type helps in adjusting the care. Thus, for dry skin, one uses richer care to compensate for the lack of moisture and fat and thus prevent typical problems such as dandruff or wrinkles, and for oily skin, a very light care that does not clog the pores additionally.

Don't know what skin type you have? 

Then find out now.

Clean your face with a mild cleanser, pat dry with a clean towel and wait an hour. After that, look at your skin in detail.

Is the face oily? - Then you probably have oily skin.

Do you have red spots and do not feel well? - Then you probably have sensitive skin.

Do small wrinkles look deeper and your skin is tight? - Then you probably have dry skin.

Is your T-zone shiny while other parts of your face are taut? - Then you probably have combination skin.

Your skin is not tight, the pores are fine, you have no impurities and feel good? - Then you probably have normal skin.

The skin of the founders

We are both real sensitives when it comes to our skin. However, we have very different skin problems and skin types. Do you have combination or dry skin? Then maybe we can inspire you with our respective care routines and Herbsom combinations:


My skin is sensitive and and prone to dryness. Especially after washing, my skin is very taut. A rich care that irritates only little is therefore particularly important for me. I use the Hyaluron complex and our algae extract, to provide my skin with sufficient moisture. Rose hip oil additionally helps me with my dry spots and provides rich care. Der Mallow extractt additionally moisturizes and protects my skin during the day from negative, drying environmental influences.

Care routine

At the beginning of every skincare routine, I cleanse my skin with a mild and non-irritating cleansing milk. Then I apply my individual Herbsom face cream. If my skin is particularly dry, I use a moisturizing serum beforehand.

My skin tips

A healthy and plant-based diet, exercise, sun protection, regular cleansing, and being happy.


I have sensitive combination skin. On the forehead I tend to underlays and also around the nose my pores are sometimes clogged. Thanks to our Willow bark extract and our Niacinamide+Zinc complex I have it well under control and only in particularly stressful phases sometimes blackheads or a pimple occur. Around my eyes and on my cheeks my skin is very dry and sometimes irritated, especially in winter. Against this grapeseed oil und our hyaluron-complex as well as an extra portion of cream on the dry areas help me.  

Care routine

First I cleanse my skin with a mild cleansing gel, then I use a degreasing toner in the T-zone, on top of that my individual Herbsom face cream, in the morning still sunscreen - done.

My skin tips

Lots of time in the fresh air, exercise, change pillow and towel very regularly, once or twice a week treat the skin with gentle fruit acid preparations.peelen, genug schlafen. 


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