19.September 2022

Massaging away wrinkles? What facial massages really bring.

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The internet is full of it. Influencers use gua shas and jade rollers in their morning routines, and there are tons of TikToks, reels, and YouTube videos on facial massage. Many companies and influencers advertise the anti-aging effect and the alleviation of stress through massage. In addition, swelling and dark circles should visibly decrease. Is that correct? Can dark circles and wrinkles really be massaged away?


What is a facial massage?

Facial massages are treatments that beauticians and experts as well as any of us can perform at home. This technique stimulates pressure points on the face, neck and shoulders.


How does the facial massage work?

You can easily use your own hands for the facial massage, but you can also use face rollers or flat gua shas. These are mostly made of rose quartz or jade. Before the massage you should clean your face properly and apply your care products as usual. Optionally, you can also apply a care oil. Then you can start. Move the tool or your fingers from the inside (i.e. the center of the face) outwards to the hairline or earlobes. It is best to repeat each movement 3-5 times. Do not roll/stroke back and forth, but always start again from the inside and roll/stroke outwards with light pressure. To do this, you should build up a light, soothing pressure and make sure that it doesn't hurt. Your skin should not be overly stressed, especially in sensitive areas such as the eye area.


When is the best time for a facial massage?

In the morning after getting up. During the day, the lymphatic system is naturally in motion. After eight hours of sleep in a lying position, there is no harm in stimulating the lymph flow and blood circulation. If the goal of your massage is just relaxation, you can of course easily incorporate the facial massage if it brings you the greatest benefit.


What do facial massages really do?

Gentle facial massages improve the lymph flow, ensure relaxation and stimulate blood circulation. This ensures that swelling is temporarily reduced and the skin appears fresher. In addition, a gentle facial massage can increase the care effect of the active ingredients in your skin care product, as these are worked in more intensively than with conventional creams. However, long-term effects have not been proven. Unfortunately, massaging away wrinkles does not work. We're still big fans of the facial massage, because by taking the time to take care of yourself, you can reduce stress and increase your general sense of well-being.