04.October 2022

This way you protect your skin from environmental influences.

Hautgesundheit  - Hautpflege 

Which environmental toxins are hidden in everyday life?

Mold in the apartment, pesticides in the food, chemicals in the shower and in your own cosmetic bag, exhaust fumes on the street and nicotine (active or passive) in the after-work beer. We meet you almost everywhere. They favor the formation of free radicals, unbalance the skin and make the skin more irritable and sensitive. Our skin often looks pale and old as a result.

Free radicals & what they do to our skin

What is a free radical anyway? A stable molecule loses an electron under the influence of environmental influences and thus becomes a free radical. This is highly reactive and now tries to snatch an electron from another molecule. A chain reaction occurs, leading to oxidative stress. This can damage the tissue and lead to a deterioration in skin structure and function. If there are large amounts of free radicals in the body, this can lead to cell damage, promote irritation and inflammation of the skin and accelerate the skin aging process. However, free radicals also help with the immune system by destroying pathogens and attacking bacteria and viruses. So if we have no free radicals in the body, we also have a weak immune system. Due to the environmental influences that we are exposed to every day, we do not have to worry that there are not enough free radicals. As a rule, it is important to protect the skin from an excess of free radicals and to support our body's own antioxidants with antioxidants from the inside through nutrition and from outside through care.  

smoking = wrinkles!

It is no secret that smoking and the consumption of nicotine are generally harmful to the body and skin. But what are the effects on our skin? There are many reasons why smokers develop more wrinkles. Tobacco smoke breaks down elastin and collagen in the skin, which promotes premature skin aging. It also narrows the blood vessels. The skin is not supplied with sufficient blood. In addition, smoking reduces the formation of new collagen and hinders the oxygen supply. The immune system is weakened and the skin becomes inflammatory. In addition, the epidermis of smokers contains less water than that of non-smokers because more water is lost through smoking. The consequence of all this? Wrinkles, poor wound healing and skin diseases. In the worst case even malignant tumors. Stopping smoking immediately reduces the risk and quickly shows positive changes in the complexion.

Fine dust penetrates our skin's protective barrier

In addition to nicotine, exhaust gases and fine dust are also among the harmful environmental influences. Exhaust fumes cause premature skin aging by promoting the formation of free radicals. In contrast to other "air pollutants", particulate matter is not gaseous. This means it can penetrate the skin himself there get stuck in the pores and cause long-term damage. The skin barrier is weakened and the pores can become clogged.

How can you protect your skin? 

Since our skin cannot neutralize the effects of external influences on its own, it needs special care products that balance the fat and moisture levels. Active ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier such as ceramides and natural fatty acids, for example from shea butter and squalane, are particularly valuable here. All of this is included in our base cream. This not only reduces the skin aging process with its visible consequences, but also restores the skin's original state of balance and its natural protective functions. The skin is well moisturized again and gains in resilience. This has another advantage: small dirt particles can be washed off more easily. Special active ingredients such as mallow and algae extracts, as well as vitamin C and all active ingredients rich in antioxidants can also protect the skin from environmental influences. You can easily integrate these into the individual Herbsom cream. In addition to special care that protects against environmental influences, the skin also needs thorough cleaning. It is best to wash your face carefully with a mild cleansing product in the morning and evening. Regular peelings based on fruit acids also deep clean the skin in between (1-2 times a week). This improves blood circulation, dead skin cells are removed and the skin can regenerate better. This ensures a fresher complexion and clear skin.

Digression: That's why we choose organic

Environmental toxins can cause damage not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Pesticides are suspected of being involved in the development of many acute and chronic diseases. These include skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, itching and hives. Early research also shows that pesticides may also increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore we recommend the consumption of organic products.