22.January 2022

That's why you should change your bedding once a week!

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Pillowcases: Breeding ground for bacteria

Over time, dust mites, skin flakes, grooming residues, sweat, dirt and bacteria collect in our pillowcases. The combination of heat and moisture in our pillows also creates a perfect breeding ground for the growth of these bacteria. Skin impurities and irritation are often the result. This also applies to the blanket and sheets. If you don't change them regularly, you encourage impurities on your back and other parts of your body. The good news? In many cases, changing your sheets more frequently can significantly improve your skin's appearance.

Bed freshly made once a week

Frequent means best to change the cover weekly and wash at least 60 degrees. This kills germs and bacteria. In the case of severe acne, the cover should be changed after only three days. 

Replace bed linen regularly

However, according to experts, frequent washing of pillow and bed covers alone is not enough. Many irritants can penetrate the inside of the pillow and contribute to the development of allergies. The pillow should be replaced with a new product about every second year. 

Silk against skin irritation

The material of the pillowcase is equally crucial. Silk or satin covers are less susceptible to deposits and have temperature-regulating properties. Due to the minimal friction against the skin, the fabrics also cause less skin irritation. So, for beautiful skin, it is essential to wash and replace your comforter covers regularly.