You want to know who is behind it?

- it's us

Kathrin & Alica

Natural cosmetics enthusiasts,
founders and friends


— verbunden durch die
Liebe zur Naturkosmetik

We are Alica and Kathrin. Natural cosmetics enthusiasts, friends and founders.  We met during our Masters in Münster and became friends very quickly. A favorite topic between us was always skin. Its beauty, its protection, its problems and the best ways to care for it naturally and effectively. We did not really agree with what the market offers in the field of natural cosmetics and individual care. We are fascinated by the effect of pure oils, extracts and plant complexes. However, in order to use different pure active ingredients, we always had to buy many different products and apply them on top of each other. This leaves the skin feeling uncomfortable. The alternative to this are pre-made products that cannot meet all individual skin needs, often have only low concentrations of active ingredients and contain many unnecessary substances, some of which are even harmful to our skin. Many different products or one that does not meet your own needs? Both crap.

There must be another way somehow. And it can. In winter 2019, we came up with the idea for Herbsom. Since then, we have been working daily with a lot of love and commitment on our heart's project. Our goal is radiant faces. To achieve this, we are constantly searching for the best active ingredients from nature and working on innovative cosmetic formulations. We are supported by experts from dermatology, pharmacy and chemistry. With them, we have tinkered with the development of Herbsom products for over a year.

Now we are ready! We look forward to offering your and our skin exactly what it really needs.:)

Kathrin & Alica


I am fascinated by the effect of pure plant substances and believe that nature provides us with everything we need for healthy skin. We just have to use it and each for themselves individually. So far, however, the cosmetics industry has not given us the opportunity to do so. Care with low concentrations of active ingredients and long lists of ingredients that no one understands, with substances that sometimes even harm us.  I would like to decide for myself what is in my skin care and be able to individually select and combine the most diverse, highly effective plant substances. I also want to fully exploit the effects of the plant substances and therefore also use them in high concentrations in my skin care. I am proud that we at Herbsom have found an innovative way to make this possible and thus provide highly effective care from nature for everyone individually. This motivates me to continue working on Herbsom every day, revolutionizing everyone's skincare experience. In addition to my great interest in active ingredients and skin care, I am also interested in design and photography, which is why I particularly enjoy the creative work at Herbsom.


Skin care is very important to me. In the past I had problems with neurodermatitis, allergic reactions and painful underlays. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is annoying and has a negative effect on self-confidence and joy of life. That is why effectiveness is the most important thing for me. On the other side, however, is nature and a sustainable lifestyle. I want natural cosmetics made from renewable raw materials, without compromising on effectiveness. Through the individual use of our natural active ingredients, Herbsom succeeds in doing just that in an innovative way. I think it's great to work on something I'm so convinced of myself. Privately, I'm a real bookworm and have a penchant for reading and writing. That's why I particularly enjoy the editorial work at Herbsom. 



Every skin is individual and has very specific needs. Our vision is to help as many people as possible achieve beautiful skin and a confident appearance through our personalized skin care. To do this, we are guided by two pillars in particular: Health and Self-Determination. The skin is our largest organ and very important for our state of health. It prevents the penetration of dirt, bacteria, viruses and fungi into our organism. For this, it must be well cared for and its protective barrier must be in tact. Every skin is different and as individuals we usually quickly understand what our skin wants and especially what it does not want. If a scent, a texture or a tingling sensation on the skin triggers discomfort or the description of a product doesn't sound good to us at all, then this has its justification. That's why with us, everyone can choose for themselves exactly the active ingredients that sound and feel right for their own skin.